Fixed Realities is a one man filming operation based in Taipei, Taiwan. I mainly focus on filming fixed gear bike rides in Taiwan. I have just started to practice filming, so it is an ongoing process of learning what works best. I hope you enjoy.

twentyfortysix (other website)
Want more info about the videos you can visit my other tumblr, twentyfortysix to read up about the videos I filmed. You can also find my personal blog there.

I am also a part of the fixed gear team, Skunk. We mainly focus on riding in the mountains in and around Taipei City. Although we sometimes ride in the city, we find riding in the mountains more challenging than urban settings. All of the material on this blog is created by me. If you want to use any of my stuff feel free to use it, I believe in a free internet.

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A video my friend made.

Another video from my vimeo.

This is a video I shot of my friend, Anson Soh, riding in the mountains near Taipei City. He is an avid cyclist and has a passion for finding difficult areas to ride in.

A video of the race, King of Zhongshe.

A little bit about Zhongshe
Zhongshe is a mountain that is right outside of Taipei city. Everyday many cyclist go to Zhongshe because of its great location and its considered one of the first mountains everyone must learn how to ride. After the fixed gear craze began, nabiis began hosting a weekly climb to get people more interested in difficult rides. Over time, the mountain became a symbol to cyclists. In order to progress as a cyclist, you must conquer Zhongshe. However, conquering Zhongshe does not mean just riding to the top and back because anyone can do that. What one must do is challenge themselves to get better at riding the mountain every time they go there.

A short video of He Yu Ze winning King of Zhongshe!

Summer is just a compilation video of some tough rides we have done in the summer heat. There aren’t that many rides that get tougher than this. 

The Descent II features an amazing rider named Matt Chen. 

The Ascent I is a film that follows He Yu Ze from the fixed gear team Skunk. This is an older video that really showcases how much he has progressed in the last year. He really is an awesome rider. He recently won the race, King of Zhongshe.

The Descent I is a quick little fixed gear film riding in the mountains around Yilan.